We offer a full end to end solution

Based in Jarrow, in the North East of England, we have the capacity and experience to service industry needs across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Covering the whole of the UK, we are helping to facilitate the UKs Smart upgrade.

As well as our ability to install and maintain Smart meters across the UK we also offer and provide coverage of all existing legacy metering systems.

Multi rate systems. medium pressure and 3 phase capacity for any existing metering systems.

Investigations, off supply or simple replacement all facilitated

We attend properties throughout the whole of the UK in both domestic and commercial settings to ensure our customers are kept on supply.

We can allocate work out to the engineers ensuring timely intervention and appropriate action is taken to deal with all levels of incident or disruption to supply.

Timely mobilisation of field forces to assess and review the operational requirements no matter the location.

Our emergency response line can be manned 24/7 to support our clients requirements.

With our warehousing facility we have capacity to manage distribution and return of all metering assets within industry defined timescales and standards.

Using our distribution networks we are able to supply our engineers with all their needs within 24 hours.

Secure and trusted network allowing us coverage across the whole of the UK.

Our inhouse call centre are available to handle all our clients requirements.

Outbound campaigns, appointment booking, scheduling of work.

Management of assets and job data to ensure compliant and timely completions of all acssociated work.

We are a compact and perfectly formed team of experienced professionals offering bespoke designed solutions within the UK metering sector.

Whether it be the full suite of services from end to end, from customer contact centre and scheduling and asset management to simply offering a fully certified and experienced metering engineer with a van and all the equipment required to complete the task.

A living wage employer, we are agile and flexible to tailor our service to whatever our client needs require.

Our Purpose

To facilitate the UK energy revolution

Our Vision

Be the company people want to work with

Our Values

  • Working hard must be rewarding
  • Tomorrow must be planned for today
  • Collaboration through communication
  • Do what you say you are going to do

Meet the team

  • Steve Lees



    “I am responsible for leading the development and execution of strategies that deliver value to colleagues, clients and shareholders”

  • Arthur McLaughlin

    Chief Operating Officer


    “Responsible for the operational performance of the business”

  • Janine Leech

    Operations Manager


    “Point of Contact for all scheduling, planning and logistics matters”

  • Brian Robertson

    Client Relationship Manager


    “Liaising with our clients both existing and new in addition to new markets and diversification”

  • Vongai Masunda

    People Services manager


    “Responsible for people services and HR functions”

  • Greg Nesbitt

    Field Services Manager - North


    “Responsible for all matters relating to work activity in the field in the North”

  • Ricky Baker

    Field Services Manager - South


    “Responsible for all matters relating to work activity in the field in the South”

  • Micky Lynn

    Finance Manager


    “responsible for all finance, data and reporting matters”

  • Phil Bussey

    Technical Manager


    “All training and certification, audit and safety matters”

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