Meet Craig Fendlen, BSU’s dual fuel engineer

There is plenty going on here at Blue Square Utilities (BSU) HQ, and we’re particularly proud of the team behind the scenes that continues to drive the organisation forwards. Some people have been here for years, and others a few short months, but each one deserves their moment in the spotlight.

This month, we’re getting to know dual fuel engineer Craig Fendlen, and finding out a little more about his role, what he loves most about it, and why BSU is a great place to work.

What’s the best part of your job?

It has to be meeting new people and working in different areas each day – with every shift presenting new challenges.

What do you see as a ‘job well done’?

Job satisfaction is what I aim for, so I want to be able to look back on each installation or service and be proud of the work I’ve done. Also, customer satisfaction is really important to me – so I aim to communicate well, ensure customers feel at ease, and know they are happy with the work before I leave.

How do you think BSU differentiates itself from its competitors?

BSU has a great team of office staff and engineers who all get along fantastically – and make working at Blue Square a real privilege. Our CEO, Steve Lees, and his team have done phenomenally in providing us with job security during what has been one of the hardest periods in UK business history – even managing to grow the firm in the process.

If you were the boss for a day, what one rule would you implement?

A teambuilding day once per quarter.

What three words do you think best describe BSU?

Strong, versatile, and friendly.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home on a Friday evening?

Kick off my shoes, get washed and changed, and then finally put my feet up! I usually unwind by watching a bit of television or playing games – I’m currently competing in a European tournament for a game called Rocket League, and usually have online matches booked on a Friday night.

Where is the best place in the UK for a two-day getaway?

Scotland has always been one of my favourite destinations for a ‘staycation’. You can’t go wrong there – plus the sights, walks, and roads are fantastic.

This song is on heavy Spotify rotation and here’s why…

I have so many playlists on Spotify that is would be impossible to choose just one. I listen to so much music – and appreciate so many genres – that you’ll find me with pop music one minute, and rock the next!

If we were to spend a day box set binging, what series would you recommend we watch?

I’ve recently finished watching Cobra Kai. Although it is a little cheesy at times it’s still a good binge, especially for those who grew up watching Karate Kid!

How does your ideal Sunday pan out?

An ideal Sunday would be visiting friends and family, having a BBQ – and getting a little merry – with some great music and brilliant banter. Although, until the Covid-19 restrictions ease, we can only dream.

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