Meet Eli – he’s been telling us all about electricity (he’s five)

If there’s one thing we’re really proud of at Blue Square Utilities, it’s our company culture. And, knowing that lots of our colleagues would be ‘home alone’ with their kids over Christmas, we devised a fun quiz – to get those small cogs whirring.

We have to admit, we were secretly hoping for some brilliant ‘only from kids’ style answers, and this submission from meter engineer David Dunlop – or rather, his five-year-old son, Eli – didn’t disappoint. In fact, it made us smile from ear to ear!

From explaining what household items use electricity in his house – while standing next to a Christmas tree adorned with twinkling fairy lights – to informing us that you can grow carrots and mangetout in the garden.

We are sure we were at least 21 before we discovered mangetout. And that was because we’d gone shopping (alone) for the very first time – and were faced with a sea of options when looking for the humble green beans.

While Christmas may seem like a distant memory now, we promise this is worth a watch! If you’d like to submit your own set of answers (BSU team member or not), send us an email and we’ll share the questions with you.


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