Meet the Gibsons – they’ve been telling us all about electricity

If there’s one thing we’re proud of at Blue Square Utilities, it’s our company culture. And, knowing that lots of our colleagues would be ‘home alone’ with their little ones during the latest lockdowns, we took it upon ourselves to devise a fun quiz – to get those small cogs whirring.

This month, Jenny Gibson – from our PR team – has been asking her seven-year-old son Fergal and nine-year-old daughter Ciara to give us the lowdown on all things ‘leccy’…

First off, Jenny asked the duo what electricity is, with Fergal explaining that it helped to: “charge stuff and to keep devices on – particularly my iPad, PS5, and remote-control car.” Nice. Ciara added that it’s needed for lights, phones, laptops, and chargers. We can’t say fairer than that.

Proving he’s already thinking about how he can play his part to look after the environment, when asked how he can make a difference, Fergal suggested heading out to pick up litter, stopping food waste, and walking or cycling, instead of taking the car. You can use this blog as evidence of his pledge, Jenny.

Not a fan of two-wheeled transport, older sister Ciara would rather stick to walking to save the planet – but added that the family could use less electricity by turning lights off when they aren’t being used. She also reckoned mum Jenny used the most energy by “being on her computer all day.” We’d better leave that one there.

Our favourite response of all though, comes from Fergal’s estimation of how much it costs to run his beloved iPad. The young tech wizard reckoned he was racking up bills of £50 per day – equating to £18,250 a year! With all that screen time, we really hope the Gibson family has a smart meter in their home!

There’s a career at Blue Square waiting for you in 2032, Fergal, but perhaps not with any of our company devices though – based on your estimated usage!

If you’d like to submit your own set of answers (BSU team member or not), send us an email and we’ll share the questions with you.

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