Meet Vongai Masunda, BSU’s people services manager

There is plenty going on here at Blue Square Utilities (BSU) HQ, and we’re particularly proud of the team behind the scenes that continues to drive the organisation forwards. Some people have been here for years, and others a few short months, but each one deserves their moment in the spotlight.

This month, we’re getting to know our brand-new people services manager, Vongai Masunda (affectionately known to her friends as, Vee). So, without further ado…

What’s the best part of your job?

I’m a massive ‘people person’ so I really enjoy playing a part in the training and development of managers – helping people perform at their best and increasing their productivity is something I take great pride in.

What do you see as a ‘job well done’?

Like most people, I look for tangible results. Within my role specifically, l would say it would be a process or project being completed in a timely manner, with effective communication and clear rationale behind decision-making.

How do you think BSU differentiates itself from its competitors?

The are several, one of which is clear career progression – the business will always try to promote internally and train our colleagues to advance within their role. Not only that, but culture plays a significant role too, with transparency and inclusion very evident across the board along with open lines of communication between the management and staff.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, too, it’s that work-life balance is vitally important. The ability to take into consideration people’s individual circumstances – and what matters to them – is a central part of the BSU strategy.

By positioning the organisation as a place where people want to work, one which values colleagues, and strives to implement safe and efficient ways of working, we’re hoping to attract much more talent across the North.

If you were the boss for a day, what one rule would you implement?

An extra day off on your birthday, and plenty of team-building activities.

What three words do you think best describe BSU?

Transparent, adaptive, and flexible.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home on a Friday evening?

I work from home now, but first thing after l shut down the computer would be to turn on my music – a good tune usually puts a smile on my face and helps me to relax.

Where is the best place in the UK for a two-day getaway?

Of all the places l have visited, l would have to say Cornwall. It almost feels as though you have left the UK, it’s so serene.

This song is on heavy Spotify rotation and here’s why…

Although I’m more of an Amazon Music kind of girl, my playlist mainly consists of afro beats – in a nod to my African origins. My current favourite track is ‘Let them know’ by Tiwa Savage – it’s a love song and feel-good-anthem all rolled into one!

If we were to spend a day box set binging, what series would you recommend we watch?

For a laugh l would recommend Come Dine with Me. Not so much for the series itself, but the hilarious commentary.

How does your ideal Sunday pan out?

Being a mum, Sunday is about chores, laundry, and new bed linen, before cramming in some last-minute relaxation in readiness for the week ahead. Although sometimes is it a lazy one – if I have a big Monday on the horizon!


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